About Us

With a reputation built over 45+ years, Nagrom is Australia’s leading privately owned metallurgical and assaying services provider, delivering highly value-additive services to the Australian and international mining industry.

Since 1978, Nagrom has built a reputation for providing the mining industry with highly-skilled and customer-focused metallurgical and assay services.

Headquartered in Kelmscott, WA, Nagrom is one of Australia’s leading independent metallurgical labs and is leveraged to national and international mining exploration and development projects.

Nagrom offers extensive capabilities in all aspects of metallurgical testing and analysis through its two key business segments:

  • Metallurgy:
    The metallurgical services (including Pilot Plants) form the core business of the company. The business is diversified across the commodity spectrum and provides a customer-centric approach to deliver highly specialised testing services.
  • Analytical:
    Underwent a major expansion in 2010 to form a new in-house laboratory capable of complementing and assisting the Metallurgical Business while also offering its services to external clients

The experience and expertise of Nagrom’s staff has led to long-standing customer relationships and a reputation in the industry as one of the leaders in their field.

The strength of the business today has its roots from an operational restructure in 2016. This has resulted in a lean, highly profitable business with a focus on its core competencies of metallurgical testing and analytical services.

Nagrom is now the largest privately owned metallurgical laboratory in Australia, recognised as a world leader in Lithium testwork and has a strong reputation across a range of other commodities and services.